"A Surface Deposit of 600 Millian Tons is Too Big For Any One Company"

The magic of Table Mountain is that the Nepheline Syenite that was uniformly formed as if came up a volcanic intrusive pipe to cool as a sill of an in-drilled depth— is that this Swiss Army Knife Nanotechnology may be marketed many ways, as shown here:

> A do-it-yourself cement additive—FoamKrete™— which may be mixed as if a bread dough to raise (as traditional sand and gravel aggregate, or river rock, is not needed as a filler) in a 2x4" frame 4' by 8' or larger, laying upon a sidewalk stamper panels for the outside wall faux siding patters, when the lightweight, including a re-bar threaded tensioner to comply with local building codes, for curing, and screeing the inside to look like a paint-able wallboard, before being tilted upright.

Doorways and windows may be pre-placed, as well as PVC pipe to act as a sleeve conduit for plumbing pipes and electrical wiring. As the high R-value insulating wall may be sawn, drilled, routed, this allows for access to bolt everything together, including a smart solar and rainwater harvesting roof, for enclosed strength against high winds or flash flood waters.

Click this splash page — or E-Mail PR consultant Barry Murray —for more information how to be part of a Cooperative start-up venture where like-minded individuals are in charge:


And then architectural artist Sharon Ehlmann is offering fellow liberationists corporate control of the Table Mountain "Natural Pozzolina" lost formula for a mixed with one other ingredient to recreate an very artistic Roman Cement.

Click her opening page of open ceiling opportunity with a fascinating historic new/old tale:


Want a more to the Power-Point bulletin on by ECO-Geopolymer-Concrete.com by a pragmatic builder, then contact CEO Lucas Ponce de´Leon?

Or click on the nano experiment diary, below, using yet another secret ingredient to strengthen a job site batch mixed geopolymer concrete, into something that could build back better bridges.

Office help / financial flow specialist needed
New affordable home building material, Wildfire Proof, Hightest r values. water proof, US supply

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