"New Age 22nd Century Minerals— Are the Suscessors to 1900's Use of Coal and Oil"

Instead of minerals I would prefer to use the common description of "Rocks", that is a simple basic particle of the Earth people understand as the 'hard rock' minerals mining business which is a very much needed for the continuing evolution of the Cave Man.

But, the real meaning of "solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth" has been expanded to fit a "really solid" hyped ad-sense word advertising concept, or the rock rolled into an entertainment hall of fame. Where both of these perhaps "best uses" may only have 15 minutes worth of fame as a blip recorded on a on a "written in stone" geological record explaining both the raise and perhaps the fall of the "do-do homo erectus" better, known a the first of "mankind"— which itself is a mystical term as the man-race disappeared because they were not known to be "kind" at all. And, sadly, the do-do bird designation has to do with a cancerous stupidity for not appreciating the balance of Creator's experiment know as Earth.

Sisyphus, of Greek mythology, was punished for cheating by endlessly roll a boulder up a hill. Which in my experience is not half as difficult a thing to do when trying to define —and market— the throughly modern minerals I have had experience with since being a part of the 1955 strategic "Uranium Rush" to Moab, Utah.

The was first of then U.S. Office of Minerals Exploration (no longer funded) critical minerals list was Carnotite. Independent prospectors were encouraged to look for a major ore of uranium, with the chemical formula K2(UO2)2(VO4)2·3H2O — with a $10,000 bonus if successfull.

Other targets ores I have hands on, in-the field experience since then: cesium, chromium, cobalt, gallium, gallium, niobium, tantalum, titanium, and the platinum group metals, an unusual rare earth (REE) elements group — and Nepheline Syenite with a chemical Alumina-Silicate formula of Al2O3/ SiO2 / with the REEs lanthanum and cerium, important for strong glass, and niobium and zircon content favorable for sage age ceramics.

So what is the Nepheline Syenite War on Oregon's Table Mountain all about? Uniqueness vs Common Variety. The Department of the Interior, Bureaucrat of Land Management (U.S. Geological Survey / U.S. Bureau of Mines) versus the Department of Agricultural, U.S. Forest Service control over surface rights (USFS mineral soil and standing trees) in conflict with access to (BLM) mineral materials below the surface.

The only other USA supply of natural Nepheline Syenite is from a 3M deposit, in full production of some very advance fire barriers; they also are working on a road asphalt that can be laid direct onto existing dirt roads. They also most likely suppled the materials used in ELON Musks 'brilliant idea' solar roof tiles.

The minerals rights claim-holder, concerned about providing a economical answer for affordable housing, began experimenting with Nepheline Syenite's amazing use in expanding Portland cement into a fireproof (3,000 degrees for 4-hours) affordable replacement of a stick-built-home.

Fortunately/Unfortunately ECO Mining Milling became involved as the US registered contractor of this Swiss Army knife mineral FoamKrete™ when a USFS Plan of Action, mainly wanting a commercial licensed use fee to ECO haul in an EV truck keeping within load limits of the existing FS road system, was filed as :

A Plan of Action which was supposed to be answered, by CFR rules inside of 90 days tops. Not 3-years later

This really was a unnecessary waste of time as I had already previously filed a Notice of Intent of continuing underground, acknowledge, from my grandfathered-in quarry clearing (shown in the aerial) that the USFS itself used to mine and crush what they called "common variety" road gravel.

My "overkill" intent to protect the leftest "tree-hugging ranger", the Mining Manager, and USFS Geologist, that "disappeared" anyway when Trump's PAC appointee was put in charge of the USFS!

So, share my stunned surprise of an out-of-date response time brought a totally out of jurisdiction response from a local USFS District Ranger, not very sympathetic to my access problem to "East 1" through the visable clearcut "Purchased State of Oregon School Section, with no mineral rights" area owned by Geooriga Pacific /Weyerhauser Timber, owned by the billionaire Koch Brothers.

Being that Koch Brothers competitors also are well known as the largest RNC PAK contributors, which may have been in violation of the Hatch Act by supporting the appointment of Georgia Governor Sunny Purdue as Secretary of Agriculture.

Help me out, if you will, explain how a well prepared 40+ page document on road use, came back with an attack against the BLM validated claims for "fake science" condemnation??? This delivered on Christmas Eve, 2018.

"The Forest Service recognizes that you may have identified what you believe are special or unique values and/or uses for the material. However, because this proposal address mineral materials materials, the Forest Service cannot evaluate your proposal under the U.S. mining of locatable authorities at 36 CFR Subpart A."

And, "From what can be gathered from your proposal, the material you are interested in is a common variety under Forest Service regulations and is subjected to disposal under 36 CFR 228 Subpart C." ... which would open up leasing to the highest bidder,

A full documentation of why the US Forest Service is out on a limb when it comes to doing something positive about Climate Change. This recent scene of a nepheline syenite business competitor is crossing a line by invading a small business individually owned, long established, extralatterial claim mineral rights, which you may have gathered is a "common variety" super-glass, just as the Koch nepheline syenite glass plant in Russia, that the Koch flow-through company Guardian which has refused to shut down in protest of the Ukraine Invasion. For those interested —know that the conflicted Dombass region of Mariupolite Nepheline Syenite is named for Mariupol.

To help you out making a decision on investing by buying an in-place $100 ton in part of the development of a proven reported 250 Million Ton underground deposit so unique for having a Swiss Army knife full of Global Warming Answers, as mentioned in ECO-GoGreen-Magazine.com, that ownership is being divided between the projects, detailed after a documentation page of breaking news possibilities, where our individually owned ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association is in control, for once, instead of a hidden few. Questions about the legality of LCAs versus Monopolys— write a query to the FTC!

Since ECO Mining Milling has a contract to preform, to turn that $100 ton into product that is sold FOB China for $350 , let's go back for a second evaluation of the the real worth of a ordinary locatable mining claim, further identified as a strategic mineral that meets the needs Secretary of the Interior definition of a critical mineral:

"(i) a non-fuel mineral or mineral material essential to the economic and national security of the United States; as lightweight buletproof armour for Humbees.

(ii) the supply chain of which is vulnerable to disruption; which Unimin out of Canada demostrated by "dumping" and

(iii) that serves an essential function in the manufacturing of a product, the absence of which would have significant consequences for our economy or our national security; which happens to be right now "affordable housing" and build-back-better bridges that have a longer life scale than 50-years.

Why Barry Murray is so angry for being betrayed by Region Six (PNW) of the USFS, dates from the time he worked as a freelance writer /photographer / graphic designer on USFS public relations articles, maps, and brochures, before our PAC controlled forests enabled the closing of "gyppo" lumbermills by exporting their logs overseas.

Take a look at the BannerBooks ad, following, that explains how this previous cooperation with District Rangers who believed in what they were protecting, helped a young family pioneer a horseback adventure of riding 2,500 miles from Mexico to Canada on what was to become the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail.


New affordable home building material, Wildfire Proof, Hightest r values. water proof, US supply

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