"Minerals Deposited by Creator Really Need To Be Fairly Shared by All Of US"
One way of getting around many unecessary business control regulations, is to go into business for yourself in a CO-OP

Let me see if "theProspector" Barry Murray's explanation, after months of formulating a fair, checks and balanced, financial engine, on how an independent small investor can benefit by selling a physical product, instead of paper, or electronic credit with a monetary value reflecting volatile times — in a itemized elevator pitch.

Starting with the known:

1) Table Mountain Oregon Nepheline Syenite has an in-place, measured, uniform value. The only other US competitor is 3M; The world's largest is Russia. Another being fought over right now is in the Ukraine, where "Mariupolite Nepheline" was named for the minerals process center at Mariupol.

2) US Mining Law allows for lode claim mineral rights to be followed underground without exact reference to the surface location posts. Something Barrick, the world's largest gold company work, by leasing gold and silver reserves.

3) Which makes the idea of the Mining Law of 1872 Association ownership work on a just as valuable per mined ton of a needed Industrial Material, which is far more flexible for "insiders" who actually own their piece of 'The' Rock in the physical measurement of a ton on a paper certificate "Bill of Sale" which may be passed along easier than a complicated, restricted, stock certificate.

4) The prospector/claim-holder is 83-years young, and is desirous of setting a solo sail system, handled from a protected helm, on a catamarans he is building out of an experimental Nepheline Syenite "FloatKrete" to add a circumnavigation as the third (or fourth) adventure of his life for the fun of publishing reasons.

5) Without any customary drilling of the 32 twenty acre claims, or one square mile, containing 600 million tons of uniform material, divided by half for safety reason, and then into 3rds of what is produced that breaks down into a manageable marketing of 100,000,000 tons each for:

a) Foamkrete™ (ECO-Foam-Krete.com) is set aside for do-itself-capable individuals, with the thought of building their own house out of a "liquid rock" that resists forest fires for 4 hours at 3,000º degrees; raging floods; and has an energy saving R' value, which with a smart solar roof (with clean rainwater harvesting) has all sorts of savings working towards mortgage free ownership.

b) The buy-in to physically own your own ton of building material, is $25 per ton — with an early bird discount until ECO-Mining-Milling Limited to Cooperative-Association really gets operating and it is clear what the actual Processing fees to the point of delivery out of the mill will be.

c) As China is able to deliver a -325 ground Nepheline Syenite FOB $250, and the Belgium based Unimin, Russian apparent monopoly can deliver a Canadian import on the East Coast for $300, per ton, it is safe to guarantee we can meet, or beat, that market price.

d) Based upon ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Trust accepting a FoamKrete™ in-place ton with an in-place in line position for processing, based upon a pro-rated all costs of respected manpower (who have a vote in base wages and perks will be), equipment amortization, and replaceable operating supplies — All Costs, Plus 20% Profits .

e) Of the Plus Twenty Percent Profit, half or, >>10% <<, is divided between all stakeholders (defined by the international ISO 26000 standard definition of an "individual or group, as initial machinery supplier investors, or operations investors, that has an interest in any decision or activity of an organization."

The individual $25 per ton FoamKrete™ owners, may also contract with a down payment to ECO-Mining-Milling of at least $25 per ton for the future delivery of one ton transformed into an equal weight product, which will not have to be shared with others unless otherwise pledged to FoamKrete™ local and regional CO-OP distributors. Delivery, by the conditional Bill of Sale Certificate Recorded Number, in turn, between 4 different customers, will be made after a full accounted payment, or payments, has been made.

As as production tweaking underway has not yet established a predictable (except for an inflation factor) mining & milling costs will be, the safest path for all concerned is to set a futures price of $300 per ton for the base Nepheline Syenite FoamKrete™ material FOB.

f) The other half of the Plus Twenty Percent Profit, is payable as a percentage Royalties, when delivered from the back-end of a milling process as a marketable product, which at this time :

>> 1a) 2.5% paid to Barry Murray (and heir apparent) through ECO-Minerals-Stockpile.net, which also may be the owner/supplier of other minerals (as an ECO-Sand, which FoamKrete™ might find as the economical correct choice for their mix as an admixture of Portland Cement.

The individual owner that has pledged the delivery payment will not participate in the indirect share of the LCA CO-OP profits of 10% unless a matching DOWN PAYMENT of $25 per ton has been made to join the ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association, more or less to keep track of an individual investor ROI from a sale of each individual ton.

>> 2b) 2.5% paid to the facilitator of flow-through stand alone incorporated company, joint venture LLC, or individual hand-shake partnership on in-ground tonnage which is directed to ECO-Mining-Milling management to make the final Edward Deming "Total Quality Movement" Wholesale/Retail sale work on a win-win-win principle.

>> 3c) 2.5% paid by ECO-Mining-Milling LCA into a "do good things for others" not-for-profit foundation which could have a scholarship fund for ECO Family Members; or a rescue ranch for teens-in-trouble to work with the taming of BLM round-up mustangs; or build recreational bike trails with a donated Nepheline Syenite base.

>> 4d) And a 2.5% royalty to match the ECO-Mine-Mill 10%, for a total 20% establishing a Miners Exchange where individual's certificates may be traded, or banked in our rock solid 300 Million tons reserve vault, where hopefully Nepheline Syenite winners will support "the never git a break under-employed" to have the opportunity of renting to OWN a house built with his own hands, or in an off-grid ECO Village with never having to apply for a mortgage. Why? Because "mort" in Latin means death. Taking care of a work-together family, starting with taking care of a buy-in mining business ton, with build-in solar energy — translates into living a happy LIFE.

* Sharon Ehlmann, an Architectural Draftsperson, CEO of ECO-Roman-Cement.com, which is a mortar mixture (with one secret addition) more suitable for holding sweeping curves, experimental, and new age building structure may be contacted by clicking on her name. She is also in charge of the start-up development of MinersExchange.com "ECO-Geowealth-Tokens".

*Lucas Ponce de´Leon, a builder, and CEO of ECO-Geopolymer-Concrete.com (with two secret additions) is mostly interested in the broad based building of housing developments. Lucas also has a spin-off URL to offer for a start-up pass along customer of ECO-Housing-America solar powered villages.

* The management of the LCA listed and protected FoamKrete™ as a franchise style product will be determined by the vote of ECO-Foam-Concrete Regional Distributor membership.

* Both Sharon and Lucas— working together have a paid directing member position of ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association.com, reachable at homeoffice@ECO-Mining-Milling.com.

* There is enough material available for at least one more joint-marketing corporations, as exploring and enlisting yet another enlightened Nepheline Syenite Swiss Army Knife use for a ECO-Geopolymer-Cermics, with a possible spin-off of ECO-Pipe-Reline.com to help solve drinking water problems as lead contamination.

* Eighty-three year old "TheProspector" Barry Murray's part in all of this ECO answer to Global Warming is to close-out his honorable, can be trusted, MiningMagazines.com seventy-six year career, by setting up a marketing system, done right to prove a point or two about being a good steward of the natural wealth of our shared planet. His minimal percentage ROI will go-into a Murray Family & Friends Trust, which will have control of the not-for-profit uses of a just-a-fun expenditure of excess wealth to help solve ordinary people problems without false name calling by political parties.

* The reason for separate "flow through" LLCs, protected from being classified as a security in part for being a separate entity that may deal with Barry Murray's ECO-Minerals-Stockpile — buying and selling a unique mineral, associated chemicals, and any associated rare metals by a industry standard low cost for an in-place ton of any rock, with a royalty attached to prevent hostile take-overs. where the buyer has the choice of selling same to others, or preferably contract with a legally accepted ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA, which is not a SEC controlled security in it's role of safely mining BLM approved ECO minerals; which are then delivered as a retail product.

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