"New Age Modern Minerals Mining — Using The Old Mining Law Of 1872 Prudent Principles"

When it comes to doing an elevator talk style presentation, guess I am just a bit, old-fashioned, too long-winded for anyone to ask a "simple question about Nepheline Syenite", without my clearing my throat with a "Well Now".... before boring one of those generation X-Y-Z or boomer kids without assigning well over 1,000 pages of professional documentation concerning the development of mineral deposit of something most people have never heard of— or may only think of as a BIG Mining project!

From this prospectors viewpoint that joined the Uranium Rush to Moab, Utah in 1955, I have had enough with the 2% people that don't care what happens to our World, or other people... and it finally come to the point at 83-years to admit I may need some help making my, and hopefully others dreams, of building something physical come true.

So, let me start off with some simple graphic statements—

affordable home building, wilfdire proof,water proof, USA product
Get the idea why one really big Feldspar cartels dosen't like my marketing compitition? So help yourself by helping me, TheProspector. I may add a chat feature to answer questions, but for now use the "comment field" on my Bill of Sale / Mining Contract Form, that starts with a simple $100 per-ton buy-in.
A How to Do gold prospecting, properly.
New affordable home building material, Wildfire Proof, Hightest r values. water proof, US supply

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