"New Age Modern Minerals Mining — Using The Old Mining Law Of 1872 Prudent Principles"

Being I am 83-years young, and have no intention of retiring as long as I am able to mount an ergonomic office chair with wheels in front of screen leading a way in to an absolutely exciting World Wide Web Library, where I and Charlie Horse, Jr., can prospect the easy way by reading geological reports and white papers, and access aerial photography— in a way almost impossible before computers came along.

This way of topping a ridge to take a peak at what is on the other side is so exciting my goal is to continue on using the hidden knowledge I have acquired as a modern age minerals prospector, for strategic minerals as Oregon's Table Mountain Nepheline Syenite, identified in the not necessarily required FS2800-5 Plan of Operation PDF Documents to proceed because of:

Just a small part of what may be found digging deep into a free access internet


This absolutely trusted paper follows the USBM research assays from the Albany, Oregon Reasearch facility.

A USGS Rock Standards, Geological Survey Professional Paper, 840;

Where the very respected US Geological Survey Establishing a nepheline syenite sill 250-400 ft thick, with a chemical analyses of 59.62% SiO2, Silica, and 18.6 % Al2O3, Alumina.


Environmental Geology Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral

Who would think that the Scenic Oregon Coast would also contain an envirionmental aware answer to Climate Change. Which gave an assessment that the 300 feet visible that —without drilling— contains 700 million tons of recoverable syenite. The visible length x width x depth was done by sampling exposed outcrops down the slope of Table Mountain.



Nepheline Geologic Prospect Report by Ricardo Villasenor, Consulting Geologist of Master Research,Inc.

An independent Consulting Geologist's , January 2008, report is next in line of importance explaining the property, even though it followed the RIA Mines mismanagement.

Feasibility Study, RIA Mines, Inc;

A Science-of-Business paper which is worth a look, perhaps to what find out what went wrong with the CPA style accounting off an out-of-touch "Pump and Dump"? promotion which listed my royalty twice on the same a spread sheet. Some of their international contacts also raised other questions.



Naturally Formed Nepheline Syenite Alumina-Silicate

Nepheline Syenite [Al2O3/SiO2] High Performance Geopolymer ‘Paste’ explained in a research paper that is breakthrough geopolymer science.

Understanding Geological Events

The way to Deal With Climate Change is to Follow
leading to the greenhouse gas reduction by not using old-fashioned Portland cement, or a carbon based manufactured flyash — or any other outdated science.

Natural Pozzolans Overview

This is where a Natural Pozzalina is defined as being over 70% Alumina-Silicate, whereas a manufactured "coal dust fly ash" replacement usually is in the 40 percentile.

Natural Pozzolina based geopolymers,

A another up-to-date article of a growing collection of research papers — 50 plus— that really should be shared. For more about what is happening at this moment, contact Lucas at his ECO-Geopolymer-Concrete.com.


Ecological Development of Alkaline Aluminosilicates Processing

Not invented here 'Technology', in a rare Russian Paper, which accidentally put Table Mountain Oregon, Nepheline on the world map, as well as the Donskoy quarry, Mazurovskoe, Ukraine. The Kolo Peninsula has the largest Nepheline deposit in the World, but they guard what their scientists want to brag about as if it was a State Secret.

A "Protected" Russian Eco Description

Which if shared with the rest of the world —looking for answers to a global affordable housing crisis— may just be a non-political Steve Jobs share the 'insanely great' wealth as low cost Nepheline Syenite for all, in need of shelter.

A Protected Russian 3D PRINTER Nepheline Polymer

Which when it was first announced held a promise of a $20,000 high tech home —which was just featured on CBS and NBC at $299,999 for a 1,500 sf / 3 bedroom/ 2 baths. Strangely the silent invasion started in San Francisco, then Texas, before heading back to Unimin (Canada) Country.

An unexpected use for Nepheline Syenite...

Another reason why the Trump controlled US Forest Service —Secretary Sonny Purdue— was wrong for "ghosting" an unnecessary "Plan of Action" favoring the largest RNC campaign PAC contributor, Koch Brothers Industries, who intentionally are still physically blocking the established USFS spur road to my grandfathered in East Quarry.

The Pacific Northwest Region Six promised me a key to the gate put in to protect the microwave facility from "thugs", but that, and Mining Law and USFS CFR promises, have been strangely ignored.

Also, nobody seemed to care that Trump Administration released, "A Federal Strategy to Ensure a Reliable Supply of Critical Minerals For Defense Purposes". Something the Table Mountain ore qualified for 3 times over.

... Which Doesn't Make Much Sense, Right Now...

Unless trying to understand Putin’s invasion to liberate the Ukraine— something that Trump (who canceled US defense aid to a popular elected government) called a brilliant move as “genius” and “smart” and “savvy!”

Unfortunately, just as others the free world reacted with sanctions, a Nepheline plant in Russia refused to shut down. Why, follow a CBS News Broadcasting the fact that it was a monopolistic North American Koch Brothers Guardian Industries — often tagged as an American Oligarchic— violating their leader's unexplained "protectiveness" of Russian Oligarchies?

What also might be just another "follow the money" coincidence is that the Nepheline Syenite(mariupolite) from the Mariupol Massif, SE Ukraine, may have something to do with the Mariupol Azovstal processing plant battle going on right now, which could be the trigger for WW3.

And this just in, as expected by following Ukraine WW2 innovation and inventions concerning Silicon Carbide and Alumina in a ceramic, it has been revealed that those bricks or blocks on Russian tanks as an Explosive Reactive Amour are made from a "common variety" Nepheline Syenite.


Extreme Durability In An Ancient Roman Cement

A look back through the Dark Ages 1 , to keep us from entering into a really Dark Age for Humans 2. Of course, since the 22nd Century is the time of women power, ask Sharon (nicely) at her ECO-Roman-Cement.com.

Volcanic Ash:Extensive Review

This 2021 paper really should have a subtitle of — Its about time that someone not employed, or funded, by the out of date Portland Cement Association, tried to explain C-A-S-H.

Ancient World

Another silica-based Pozzolanic cement paper going after the truth Dr. Marie Jackson, Department of Geology
and Geophysics at the University of Utah expressed after some for real, in the field research, heading back into time to answer some "How exactly did they do that".


Nepheline Syenite Ceramics

New ideas for the future of leading to an understanding of "nosecone" Zeolite Nanocomposite material, which probably is a look back with understanding into the nature of a not really understood product that is making an appearance at the dawning of perhaps a whole new age of lightweight super-strong gelcasting that foams, and floats— as in FloatKrete. Which is why nepheline syenite visionary Barry Murray (503-753-5868) recently purchased the URL ECO-Geopolymer-Ceramics.com, in the hope of attracting can-do experimenters with the financial backing to joint venture the 3D printing of all in one, unsinkable, bounce off rocks, sailing catamaran hulls. At 83-years of age he needs help.

Geopolymer Foams by Gelcasting

Geopolymer gelcasting is something that has intrigued me ever since the launch of the first space shuttle introduced alumina, and sponge-like material made of porous silicon material able to withstand up to 2,300 degrees F (1,260 degrees C). Now that the term has shown up in Highly Concentrated Solar plants, I see and explosion of new uses of [Al2O3/SiO2] in products dreamed about with a "why not"!

New affordable home building material, Wildfire Proof, Hightest r values. water proof, US supply

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