"New Age Modern Minerals Mining — Using The Old Mining Law Of 1872 Prudent Principles"

I may have mentioned that at 83-years, I need a little help in distributing the in-place Nepheline Syenite ore of the Table Mountain proven 250 million ready to tons, which in it's simplest form is a low cost way to build simple, affordable, fire resistant (4 hours at 3,000º) and flood resistant, shelter.

I all begins with a uniform value mined and milled ton of a natural unique mineral mix of chemistry which cannot be patent protected. However mixing properties of other exciting and unique chemicals leads to a more complicated uses, as a rediscovered ECO Roman cement, and ECO Geopolymer Concrete, as explained as a separate, though friendly work well together, competitive ventures.

The following Adobe Acrobat protected form is a sales contract by Barry Murray for an independent ownership of a legal mining claim in-place ton. Which, then may be accepted by ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association, for processing by contract, before delivery back to the individual owner, or other marketing companies as ECO-Foam-Krete peddling the building material to a start-up ECO-Housing-America.

Or, the other uses mentioned for the mined and milled material, besides staying with a FoamKrete™ dealer/distributor relationship, as making artistic waves with ECO-Roman-Cement, or build back better bridges with ECO-Geopolymer-Concrete, as designated on the contract form, where other forms of incorporation may apply.

Other start-up opportunities may be related to really new-age Nepheline Syenite "bullet proof" Ceramics, or unsinkable "FloatCreek" yachts, barges, or something else I would like to be a part of is bringing it all together to 3D print a ECO paddle wheel steamboat. So, welcome aboard all the fun of doing something right!

Gray Gold, buy the physical ton

Clicking this "rock solid" contract form is a hacker proof way to perform a legal "buy-the-ton" purchase in a protected two step way. The PDF return form might not work properly on your browser. If you need to return a scanned copy, or do your own due dilligence, contact me at: FrontDesk@MiningMagazines.com.

P.S. The ECO-Mining-Milling CO-OP is looking for competent earn-in Investor Employees, or "Patron Investment" by supplying a long list of needed (not worn-out junk, or outdated 1900's technology) as other than better-than-fair wages, this equipment needs to be actually used to produce a product, as functioning to deliver a sell-able product is the only way to make a ROI profit for distribution.

PP.SS.— Another cooperative needing intelegent imput may be found by reaching out and tweeking my "Indjun" nose. >>

New affordable home building material, Wildfire Proof, Hightest r values. water proof, US supply

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