"New Age Modern Minerals Mining — Using The Old Mining Law Of 1872 Prudent Principles"
No. Those who understand that true wealth is either grown, harvested, or mined, know that cartel control by 1900's management, will lead us all to end it all with a whimper.

Breaking News —in response to supporting Presedent Biden's "opportunities", supporting both updating infrastructure, and paying attention to reducing greenhouse gas climate changes through ECO aware building materials.

We have just signed aggrements to mine & mill zero carbon manufactured building materials, which also conserve energy with ECO-Housing-America +++ insulated, and affordable homes.

Instead of investing in a shared
guaranteed CO-OP 10% royalty, for mining and milling services processing an ECO material, also consider the possibilities of a much higher ROI by participating in the buy-the-ton to market programs, as described in really ahead of Portland Cement® production tricks trying to reach our ZeroCarbon-Concrete.com standards based upon "Smarter, Stronger, Better, Cheaper" as supported by TheProspector.com and Barry Murray who is reachable at frontdesk@MiningMagazines.com

Underground hard rock mining — not soft dangerous coal— has been falsely accused of being an “ecological disaster” far too long. This is “funny” in that all of the smart “ECO” nano minerals answers to Global Warming Climate Change require intelligent mining, in cooperation with natures laws, instead of oligarchical corporation rule far away from difficult to reach mountains under a pristine blue sky —something big city judges on someones' payroll have declared to have no value.

Another problem is using 1900’s old technology, thinking, and remote management to harvest 22nd Century materials that many decision makers have never hear of, is better explained ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association plan of meeting a growing demand for and everyday function in building with a super strength concrete for replacement of rusting re-bar bridge replacement, or the reconstruction of a $ bullion dollar collapse of a surf-side condo for not using a refractory concrete.

Besides using all sorts of smart EV forms of transportation and mining equipment to cut back on the first on the ... cough, cough... greenhouse gas production #1 position— caused by the burning of carbon based oil, gas, coal. Second on the unspeakable bad boy is followed by a second "most wanted" to capture list, as it is something we can very simply change, is the pollution generated in the manufacturing of Portland Association]Cement.

Unfortunately for the elite in control of even the latest of Wall Street financing “engines”, on how to finance the development of “insanely great ideas" as walls built of FoamKret™, does not fit a 1900’s business as usual financial planning based upon a "tinkle down" promise that certified financial security advisors "don't make money unless you happen to beat the odds by hedging a still functioning hedge fund.".

One case in point further explaining the chaos of multinational deep-state cartel control is the problems an 83-year old, Oregon prospector with 62-years of in-the-field acquired first-hand knowledge of loosing to special US and Canadian security regulations (which leave no incentive for the “little people” natural resources investors) single mining claim owner of 250 million tons of … wait for it… Nepheline Syenite!

Which, following the secret "real money trail" has become one of the reasons for oligarchical claim jumping in Ukraine —where it is being revealed right now that the mineral processing complex in Mariupol under a WW2 madman style siege has something to do with “Mariupolite” Nepheline syenite/Rare Earths.

How all of this fits together on one web site, that also explains a New/Old use of Roman natural Pozzalina Cement used to build affordable forest fire survivable (four hours at 3,000º degrees) housing /and a Space Age 3D printable Ceramic “paste” that is showing an almost unbelievable “corporate proprietary strength" is explained as Modern Minerals Mining as a real part of needed Climate Change Answers:

Page 1 Elevator Talk with Graphics

Page 2 Through focusing on Modern Nano Minerals

Page 3 Replacing Conventional Carbon Based Building Materials

Page 4 Do Away With "Fake Mining" Credits With Real Projects

Page 5 With a Contractor Cooperative shipping "Real Product"

Page 6 How do Individuals (no major's) interested in mining Join?

To collectively fix a person’s financial future based upon selling a physical product, instead of a volatile so-called “hedge fund” stock, ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association (investor employee owned) is offering a “buy-in material in-place” for those who understand a $100 per in-place underground ton opportunity (for now) to those also who support a plus $100 down payment for physical mining and milling on a “all costs plus 10%” basis to ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association, which is also controlled by individuals who legally bought into the CO-OP to purchase state-of-the-art mining equipment, including EV trucks which can act underground as an ore transporter off the mountain, taking advantage of a 3,000 elevation advantage to recharge the batteries, instead of burning diesel to hold back a load from running away.

So, if YOU want to do something about senseless generation of greenhouse gases, while working to own a mortgage free ECO-Housing-America home, then fill-in the secure PDF form as found here to further ask how you can help G0-Green for financial security survival.

A How to Do gold prospecting, properly.
ECO-Mining-Milling knows how to build a rock solid fireproof house.

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